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Who is Blue Beetle? DC's Scarab-Powered Legacy Hero Explained Three have donned the mantle of DC"s Blue Beetle—Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, và Jaime Reyes. When one falls, a new hero takes up the Scarab.

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DC Comics is full of legacy heroes, but few are as old or unique as the Blue Beetle. When one of Earth"s defenders falls in battle, it"s not uncommon for someone new khổng lồ carry the mantle in their honor. But what makes Beetle stvà out from other legacy characters such as the Flash is that every nhân vật lớn put on the mask has been drastically different from the others; not just in their age & occupation, but also in their chất lượng abilities (or laông chồng thereof).

There have sầu been three major characters in DC"s long history lớn take on the role of Blue Beetle, & aside from their color scheme, it can be hard lớn imagine that they are technically embodying the same role. Though he may have sầu started out as a generic masked adventurer of the Golden Age, the Blue Beetle has evolved to lớn become one of DC"s most recognizable heroes outside of the main Justice League roster. Depending on the person inside the suit, Beetle has gone from being a moderately-enhanced superhuman to lớn a low-budget Batman khổng lồ one of the planet"s most powerful teenagers. To fully underst& the legacy, one must first examine each man to wear the xanh.

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Dan Garrett

Dan Garrett (or Garret as it was originally spelled) was the first nhân vật lớn take up the mantle of Blue Beetle. Though he technically first appeared in 1939 as a chemically-enhanced super cop in Fox Comics, through a confusing series of events he was later reimagined by Charlton Comics...& then sold to lớn DC Comics. Garrett"s first canonical appearance was in Blue Beetle #1 in June 1964, where he was depicted as an archeologist who uncovered a glowing xanh Scarab in the tomb of the Pharoah Kha-ef-re. Upon reciting the the phrase "Kaji Dha," Garrett would gain powerful metahuman abilities including super-strength, flight, and energy projection. His toàn thân would also become encased in xanh chain-mail armor that could withst& small caliber fire. For years, Garrett protected the citizens of Hub City as its stoic anh hùng in xanh, eventually meeting a young science wiz named Ted encounter that ultimately led to lớn this death.

As it turned out, Ted Kord"s uncle Jarvis was a mad scientist with delusions of world domination. Though Beetle was able to assist Ted in stopping his uncle, Garrett was mortally wounded and left lớn die under a pile of rubble on an island fortress. But before succumbing to his injuries, Garrett made Ted promise to lớn carry on the mantle of Blue Beetle. Years later, Garrett was resurrected by the power of the Scarab, but as a zombie under the thrall of the mysterious ancient alien giải pháp công nghệ hidden within. This undead Beetle returned from the ashes of Pago Island in the hopes of hunting down và killing his successor. However, there was still enough of Garrett"s memories within his corrupted mind, & the Silver Age hero sacrificed himself khổng lồ end the Scarab"s reign of terror.

Ted Kord Blue Beetle
Unlike his predecessor, Ted Kord lacked the power of the blue Scarab. As a result, the nhân vật was forced lớn compensate by using technology. Using the considerable wealth he inherited from his father, Blue Beetle II created a whole persomãng cầu around the anh hùng Garrett once represented. Though he tried lớn replicate the powers of the first Blue Beetle with such weapons as his B.B. gun as well as his giant, beetle-shaped airship; ultimately Ted Kord never came cchiến bại to measuring up lớn the legover of his mentor due in part lớn a heart condition. Despite having his own fair nội dung of costumed escapades, Kord was viewed by the vast majority of the nhân vật community as nothing more than a D-lister.

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Some of Ted"s most notorious stories were from when he served on the Justice League: International roster alongside his best friover, the time-traveling ex-quarterbaông xã Booster Gold. Their misadventures together were more comical than dramatic, often being indirectly caused by their own immaturity. Sadly, Ted Kord"s time as the Blue Beetle would also over in tragedy. During the events of Countdown khổng lồ Infinite Crisis, Kord proved to lớn be a better nhân vật than anyone had previously given hyên credit for; uncovering a global conspiracy led by his former frikết thúc Max Lord. Drunk with newfound power, Lord went from being an egotistical entrepreneur to a full-blown supervillain. When given the choice to either join his former ally or face certain death, Ted Kord simply told the megalomaniac to rot in hell, and was subsequently shot in the head. His character was the primary inspiration for Nite Owl in Alan Moore"s Watchmen.

Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes
Jaime Reyes is the current Blue Beetle, & the one most modern fans are familiar with. First appearing in Infinite Crisis #3 in 2006, Jaime accidentally came across the Scarab during the chaos caused by several Earth-shattering events—including an invasion of O.M.A.C. nano-drones powered by Batman"s rogue satellite, Brother Eye, và the destruction of the Rock of Eternity. Upon bringing the shiny trinket trang chủ, the Scarab quietly crawled onlớn Jaime while he slept và attached itself lớn the teenager"s spine. Completely unaware of what happened, it was Ted Kord"s old pal Booster Gold who informed the boy that his life had just changed forever.

Using his limited understanding of the future, Booster foresaw Batman"s failed plan to bring down Brother Eye and (without the Dark Knight"s consent) recruited Jaime khổng lồ help take down the massive satellite & its army of O.M.A.C. drones. Wielding his newfound alien-enhanced powers (that far exceeded those of Dan Garrett), Jaime negated Brother Eye"s cloaking frequency, which allowed Batman & his team of heroes lớn take down the malicious A.I. This would be Jaime"s first adventure as the third Blue Beetle, but it would hardly be his last. After the destruction of Brother Eye hurtled Jaime a year into lớn the future, the teen Beetle would go on lớn learn the sinister origins of the Scarab.

As it turned out, the ancient Scarab talisman once believed lớn be magical in origin was actually ultra-advanced technology from a race of world-conquering aliens known as the Reach. Rather than waste troops on Independence Day-style confrontations, the Reach would skết thúc Scarabs out khổng lồ planets they hoped khổng lồ colonize lượt thích high tech parasites. After attaching itself to lớn a host, the Scarab would eventually rewrite its victim"s DNA, effectively erasing their mind. Although its host would be granted tremendous power, they would ultimately be nothing more than tools used to subjugate their own planets. However, the many centuries the Scarab spent on Earth had left it flawed, và rather than influence Jaime, the boy influenced the Scarab. Through Jaime Reyes, the Scarab became infected with humanity, and instead of conquering Earth, it now works lớn help protect it.

When DC relaunched its continuity courtesy of its DC Rebirth initiative, most of the characters were rolled bachồng to their pre-Flashpoint origins. However, Blue Beetle was left in a rather quality situation. Rather than die at the hands of Max Lord, Ted Kord instead left the world of super-heroics when a heart attachồng nearly claimed his life while out in the field. But even retired, Kord refused khổng lồ give up on making the world a better place, and instead refocused his resources on creating technology for the betterment of humankind. And upon learning that a teenager from El Paso not only took on his former role as the Blue Beetle, but also managed lớn unlock the Scarab"s full world-devastating potential, Kord took it upon himself khổng lồ be Jaime"s mentor—despite the boy"s many protestations.

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Though their relationship can be antagonistic at times, together Jaime và Ted Kord were able to uncover yet another dark secret of the Scarab. As it turned out, it was none other than the Lord of Order, Doctor Fate, who had damaged the Scarab thousands of years ago in a battle with an Atlantean sorcerer who had become corrupted by its influence. The ancient conjurer known as Arion would eventually return khổng lồ once again reclalặng the Scarab và use its awesome power khổng lồ destroy Earth. But the magician hadn"t counted on the Scarab"s loyalty khổng lồ Jaime. Seeing Reyes as a genuine friover, the alien super weapon abandoned Arion lớn once again merge with the teen boy, saving the planet from Armageddon.

While every incarnation of the Blue Beetle is relevant to the legacy, it is Jaime Reyes who truly owns the title. Being one of the few Mexican-American superheroes to headline his own series in DC Comics, the character regularly tackles issues many Latinos face in real life. His pre-New 52 era comics not only had Jaime facing off against such foes as anti-Hispanic protestors và sleazy politicians hoping to lớn deputize hlặng as a border patrol agent, the fact that his armor hides his ethnic background also meant he regularly faced harsh criticism from other Latinos who incorrectly viewed him as a White man inflicting his sense of justice on immigrant communities. Though he is one of DC"s most powerful superheroes, it is Jaime Reyes" very human vulnerabilities that make him such a beloved character, & worthy of owning the Blue Beetle legacy.