Books are still a cheapto get knowledge and entertainment

Most hobbies can either be crazy expensive sầu or quite frugal. It all depends on how you do things.

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I rediscovered my love sầu of reading last year and have been happy to lớn find that there are a lot of ways lớn save money on books or read great books for free! So, I want to break down some easy methods for reading lots without spending lots.

First, I want to mention that I bởi 95% of my reading with ebooks on my Kindle Paperwhite. I absolutely love sầu this thing and prefer khổng lồ read on it instead of physical books. You can read my full Đánh Giá of the Kindle Papertrắng here.


You can also read ebooks with the Kindle app or other reading apps on your phone, which can be super convenient because you always have your phone with you. However, it can tire your eyes out because phones are backlit.

6 Free và Cheap Ways lớn Read Great Books

The Library

Alright, let’s start here just so that we have the basics covered.

When I come across a book I’d lượt thích khổng lồ read, my first step is always khổng lồ see if my library has the ebook I can rent.

If you’re only renting physical books from your library, you’re missing out! Its seems like all libraries now offer access lớn ebooks that you can rent online and have sầu sent electronically to lớn your phone or ereader. This is usually through the Overdrive sầu or Libby apps. Cheông xã your library’s website or ask a librarian next time you’re in if they offer this and how you can get logged in.

The wonderful part of renting ebooks is that it’s impossible khổng lồ accumulate late fees. When your rental period is up, the book magically goes bachồng to the library & you thua kém access to it.

Buying Ebooks

When I can’t get something I’d lượt thích to lớn read from the library for không tính tiền, I go to Amazon khổng lồ check the price. It’s usually cheaper to buy the ebook instead of the physical book, so be sure lớn kiểm tra the price on both.

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For some books, I prefer khổng lồ have the physical copy even if it costs a bit more (if I know I’ll want to reference it often or nội dung it with family), so I ponder which is the better option.


Kindle Unlimited

If you find that you’re buying a lot of books, you should definitely check inkhổng lồ Kindle Unlimited!

It’s a monthly subscription through Amazon that lets you read as many books as you want. You get access lớn over 1 million ebooks as well as thousands of audiobooks. You also get to read current popular magazines each month.

Best of all, there is a không tính phí trial so that you can give sầu it a go khổng lồ see if it’s worth it for you. Start a 30-trial of Kindle Unlimited here.

I am new to this trang web (it was a fabulous recommendation from a reader!) & it’s great! helps you find fabulous ebook đơn hàng — often even miễn phí ebooks!

When you create your account, you’ll get asked about your favorite genres và authors. Then you’ll get handpicked book recommendations for ebooks that are không tính phí or discounted.

You can follow your favorite authors và see the books that they are recommending as well as get updates when they have a new release or when one of their books is discounted.

Like I said, I haven’t used this site for long, but I’m already loving it. It’s easy lớn use và I’m excited khổng lồ see what giao dịch it brings me!

Trade with Family và Friends

The best way to find fabulous books is lớn get recommendations from family and friends, right?

Last summer I discovered the Maisie Dobbs series (one of my all-time favorites!) và shared it with my mom. She got hooked và ended up buying a phối of all of the books off of eBay… which I then borrowed 🙂 Don’t worry, I share books with her too!

Sharing books is không lấy phí and fun. Plus it can be a great way to have sầu new things to talk about with your loved ones.

Thrift Stores

Books are usually quite cheap at thrift stores! If you’re looking for a book that was a best seller, your chances of finding it are pretty good.

I got my copy of The Total Money Makeover for $1 at a thrift store. I’ve also found thrift stores to lớn be a good source for cookbooks. Be sure to browse through the book section next time you’re at your local thrift store.

I love that reading can be such a frugal hobby! With all of the book sources listed in this post, I don’t spkết thúc much on books và still get to lớn read everything I want!

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