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Bạn đang xem: Charities such as oxfam is always trying to recruit volunteers to help in their work

Charities such as Oxfam is always trying to lớn recruit volunteers to help in their work.

A. such as

B. is always

C. lớn recruit

D. in their work

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Đáp án A

Kiến thức về lỗi cần sử dụng từ

In principal: ko trường thọ các tự này => in principle: về qui định cơ bản, nói chung

Tạm dịch: Về bề ngoài thì không tồn tại gì mà một con fan hoàn toàn có thể có tác dụng mà lại một máy bộ lại ko có công dụng làm vào một ngày nào kia.

Read the following passage và choose A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the following blanks. Fill in the appropriate word in question 33

Voluntary work is work that you vì not get paid for và usually involves doing things lớn help other people, especially the elderly or the sichồng or working on (31)______ of a charity or similar organization. Most charitable organizations rely on unpaid volunteers, và thousands of Americans and British people give sầu many hours of their time to doing some khung of social work or organizing fund- raising events to tư vấn the work. Volunteering is especially popular in the US và the reasons this may be found in (32)______ American values such as the Protestant work ethic, the idea that work improves the person who does it, and the belief that people can change their condition if they try hard enough.

In the US young people over 18 can take part in AmeriCorps, a government program that (33)______ them to work as volunteers for a period of time, with the promise of help in paying for their education later. Older Americans who do not work may spkết thúc much of their không tính phí time volunteering.

In Britain a lot of voluntary work is directed towards supporting the country’s social services. The WRVS và other organizations run a meals on wheels service in many parts of Britain, provide hot meals for old people who are (34)______ to cook for themselves. The nationwide Citizens Advice Bureau, which offers free advice khổng lồ the public on a wide range of issues, is run mainly by volunteers, and the Blood Transfusion Service relies on voluntary blood donors khổng lồ give blood for use in hospitals. Political parties use volunteers at election time, & Churches depover on volunteers khổng lồ (35) _______ building clean.