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If I were you, I would regard their offer with considerable_______because it seems too good to lớn be true.

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A. disbelief

B. reservation

C. doubt

D. suspicion


Câu này dap án là C: suspicion và doubt cũng có nghĩa là chần chờ tuy nhiên câu này ý là vẫn chấp nhận sự offer mà ko nghi ngại băn khoăn lo lắng gì các cũng chính vì nó có vẻ như vẫn thành hiện nay thưc (considerable : nhiều đáng kể), yêu cầu một số loại A C D một số loại do với ý nghi vấn trong những lúc tại chỗ này cần với ý ngược lại lựa chọn B

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet lớn indicate the correct answer to lớn each of the following questions from 8 to 19.

That sounds like a good offer. I ______ it if I ______ you.

A. would accept - were

B. accepted - would be

C. accept - will be

D. will accept - were

Read the following passage & mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet lớn indicate the correct answer to lớn each of the questions.

It"s often said that we learn things at the wrong time. University students frequently vày the minimum of work because they‘re crazy about a good social life instead. Children often scream before their piano practice because it‘s so boring. They have sầu to be given gold stars & medals to lớn be persuaded khổng lồ swyên, or have khổng lồ be bribed to take exams. But the story is different when you"re older.

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Over the years, I‘ve sầu done my tóm tắt of adult learning. At 30, I went khổng lồ a college và did courses in History & English. It was an amazing experience. For starters, I was paying. so there was no reason to be late – I was the one frowning và drumming my fingers if the tutor was late, not the other way round. Indeed, if I could persuade him to linger for an extra five minutes. It was a bonus, not a nuisance. I wasn‘t frightened to ask questions, và homework was a pleasure not a pain. When I passed an exam, I had passed it for me and me alone, not for my parents or my teachers. The satisfaction I got was entirely personal.

Some people fear going baông chồng lớn school because they worry that their brains have got rusty. But the joy is that. although some pans have sầu rusted up, your brain has learnt all kinds of other things since you were young. It has learnt to think independently & flexibly & is much better at relating one thing khổng lồ another. What you thất bại in the rust department, you gain in the maturity department.

In some ways, age is a positive sầu plus. For instance. when you’re older, you get less frustrated. Experience has told you that, if you‘re calm and simply vì something carefully again và again, eventually you"ll get the hang of it. The confidence you have in other areas – from being able to drive sầu a car, perhaps – means that if you can"t, say, build a chair instantly, you don‘t, lượt thích a child, want lớn destroy your first pathetic attempts. Maturity tells you that you will, with application, eventually get there.

I hated piano lessons at school, but I was good at music. And coming baông xã khổng lồ it, with a teacher who could explain why certain exercises were useful và with musical concepts that, at the age of ten, I could never grasp, was magical. Initially, I did feel a bit strange, thumping out a piece that I‘d played for my school exams, with just as little comprehension of what the composer intended as I‘d had all those years before. But soon. complex emotions that I never knew poured out from my fingers, & suddenly I could understvà why practice makes perfect.