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Flash: 10 Things Every Fan Should Know About Jesse Quiông chồng Jesse Quiông xã has made a name for herself as a speedy superanh hùng, but there"s still plenty more lớn know about her.

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Jesse Quick Liberty Belle DC Comics
While the legacy of the Flash gets a lot of attention, there"s more than one speedster dynasty in DC Comics. The focus may be on Barry Allen and Wally West, but the Quiông xã family has their own stories lớn tell that span almost as long as the Flashes. If the Flashes are the heads of the speedsters in the DC Universe, the Quicks are the aunts & uncles, always there ready to lớn help in any way they can.

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Jesse Quiông chồng runs the line between the Quicks & the Flashes. The daughter of heroes, Jesse carries on the Quichồng legacy these days but has almost given it up twice before khổng lồ take on other mantles. Using the same mantra as her father - 3x2(9yz)4A! - Jesse Quick runs rings around her foes và is more than able lớn keep up with the Fastest Men Alive.

DC Heroes Johnny Quick & Liberty Belle
Jesse Quiông xã was born Jesse Chambers, the daughter of Johnny Chambers & Libby Lawrence. Johnny Chambers is better known as Johnny Quichồng, the cameraman turned super speed superanh hùng turned business mogul, and Libby Lawrence was known to lớn the world as the super-svào Liberty Belle. Johnny and Libby were both members of the All-Star Squadron, which is how they met and fell in love sầu. Sadly, their love was not meant lớn last & the two divorced, but not before Jesse came around. Libby would go on to lớn marry Rex Tyler, the first Hourman.

Justice Society of America vol 2 Jesse Chambers first appearance
While Johnny had hoped his daughter would become a superhero lượt thích him, Jesse followed her mother"s advice and chose to live a costumeless life. Still, the lives of superheroes interested Jesse & she became interested in studying the impact superheroes have sầu on society. While studying at Gotham University, the Justice Society returned from Ragnarok & became Jesse"s main focus.

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It was while following around the Justice Society that Jesse found herself in trouble and was forced to lớn use her father"s mathematical mantra, becoming Jesse Quiông chồng for the first time. Her decision to lớn become a superanh hùng upmix her mother greatly, but Jesse loved the adrenaline rush that came with being a speedster.

Jesse Quick kisses Flash
Now a hero, Jesse Quiông chồng started to lớn interact with the other speedsters of the DC Universe. She joined the Justice Society and worked alongside Jay Garrick - the first Flash - và her father, who had come out of superhero retirement. Jesse Quichồng also met Wally West, the current Fastest Man Alive sầu. Jesse soon became enamored by Wally, forming a crush on him, but she knew there was no future there; Wally was madly in love sầu with Linda Park, và nothing, not even the Speed Force, would be able to break them up.

Jesse Quichồng Becomes Flash
During Zero Hour: A Crisis in Time, Wally West ran faster than he had ever run before và was nearly pulled into the Speed Force. Wally was able lớn return, but the Speed Force was slowly pulling him in and he knew that there was only so much time before he would be gone forever.

Wally wanted Impulse, the grandson of Barry Allen - the second Flash - to lớn become the new Flash, but Impulse was living up to his name and just wasn"t ready for the responsibility. Hoping khổng lồ shochồng some sense inlớn Impulse, Wally named Jesse Quick as his replacement. Jesse was honored, but when she learned it was all a ruse, it angered her. Wally using her like that forever marred their friendship.

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Feeling lượt thích the Flash Family didn"t respect her, Jesse Quiông xã decided lớn follow her own path as a hero. She not only continued on the legacy of her father as a anh hùng but started to lớn work at his massively successful company, Quickstart Enterprises. Not long after, Jesse Quick và Johnny Quiông xã teamed up with the Flash Family lớn take on Savitar. While Jesse battled Christina Alexandrova - another speedster woman that felt betrayed by Wally West - her father took on Savitar.

During the fight, Johnny Quiông xã would join with the Speed Force, leaving his daughter và ex-wife behind. With her father"s death, Jesse took over Quickstart Enterprises & decided to give up the superheroics for a while, focusing instead on her personal life & the wellbeing of her mother Libby.

5 Following Tradition

Jesse Chambers continued lớn keep her father"s company in good standing, growing the business but put her costume bachồng on to help the Titans stop a nuclear threat. A founding member of the Titans, Wally West recommended Jesse for membership, hoping lớn make amends for the way he treated her in the past. Jesse Quiông chồng accepted the invitation khổng lồ join the Titans, but was only with the team for a short time. Feeling that the other members of the Titans were always comparing her to lớn Wally, she decided to lớn go it alone.

Jesse Quick worked alone for a while, operating out of Philidelphia were she was able khổng lồ make a name for herself. When Hunter Zolomon became the new Reverse-Flash, calling himself Zoom, Jesse returned lớn Keystone City to lớn help Flash fight off the threat. In the ensuing battle, Jesse Quiông xã passed her speed to lớn Wally so that he could keep up with their foe.

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Doing this disconnected Jesse from the Speed Force. Her father"s mantra would no longer work for her, leaving her powerless. Still wanting lớn be a part of the superhero world, Jesse became the business manager for the newly reformed Justice Society. Much like her parents before her, it was as a thành viên of a superanh hùng team that Jesse would meet her future husb&.

3 Heroic Love

The moment Jesse Chambers met Richồng Tyler, the new Hourman, the attraction was evident. While the two kept their feelings to themselves - possibly because they were step-siblings - it was evident lớn anyone around them that they would over up together sooner or later. When Hourman went missing, Jesse was deeply affected by it, và when the team rescued hyên ổn, she and Rick began dating. Just as their relationship began khổng lồ blossom, the Infinite Crisis began, và the world was torn apart. By the time things settled back down a year later, Jesse Chambers wouldn"t be sitting on the sidelines anymore.

Sometime after the events of Infinite Crisis, Jesse Chambers re-entered the world of superheroics. Since she couldn"t access the Speed Force anymore, Jesse chose to lớn use the same unexplained device that gave her mother superstrength và became the new Liberty Belle. Joining the JSA in their missions, Jesse & Hourman became closer and soon married.

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During a battle with Zoom, Jesse regained her superspeed, adding it to lớn her strength và truly becoming the perfect set of her parents. Soon after, she joined the Justice League while retaining her place on the Justice Society at the same time, but she then left both teams when she became pregnant.

1 Baông chồng To Basics

Like many speedsters, Jesse Chambers vanished after Flashpoint và seemed lớn be gone for good. When Reverse-Flash formed the Legion of Zoom and took over Barry Allen"s toàn thân, Barry"s mind was trapped in the Speed Force where he discovered Max Mercury và Jesse Quiông chồng. When he escaped from the Speed Force, Barry brought Max and Jesse with hyên. Jesse returned in her Jesse Quichồng uniform và fought alongside the Flash Family to lớn stop the Legion of Zoom. Whether or not her marriage lớn Hourman or their child still exists remains lớn be seen.