No matter how hard i try


 (matters plural và 3rd person present) (mattering present participle) (mattered past tense & past participle )

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1  n-count A matter is a task, situation, or sự kiện which you have sầu khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with or think about, especially one that involves problems. usu with supp (=affair) It was clear that she wanted to lớn discuss some private matter..., Until the matter is resolved the athletes will be ineligible khổng lồ compete..., Don"t you think this is now a matter for the police?..., Business matters drew hlặng to lớn Paris.  
2  n-plural 
You use matters to refer lớn the situation you are talking about, especially when something is affecting the situation in some way. no det If your ordinary life is out of control, then retreating inlớn a cosy ritual will not improve matters..., If it would facilitate matters, I would be happy to lớn come to Thành Phố New York..., Matters took an unexpected turn.  
3  n-sing 
If you say that a situation is amatterof a particular thing, you mean that that is the most important thing to be done or considered when you are involved in the situation or explaining it. a N of n/-ing (=question) History is always a matter of interpretation..., Jack had attended these meetings as a matter of routine for years.  
4  n-uncount 
Printed matter consists of books, newspapers, & other texts that are printed. Reading matter consists of things that are suitable for reading, such as books và newspapers. supp N ...the Government"s plans lớn levy VAT on printed matter., ...a rich variety of reading matter.  
5  n-uncount 
Matter is the physical part of the universe consisting of solids, liquids, and gases. A proton is an elementary particle of matter.  
6  n-uncount 
You use matter lớn refer lớn a particular type of substance. with supp ...waste matter from industries.  
7  n-sing 
You use matter in expressions such as `What"s the matter?" or `Is anything the matter?" when you think that someone has a problem và you want to lớn know what it is. the N, oft N with n Carole, what"s the matter? You don"t seem happy..., She told hyên there was nothing the matter.  
8  n-sing 
You use matter in expressions such as `a matter of weeks" when you are emphasizing how small an amount is or how short a period of time is. a N of pl-n  (emphasis) Within a matter of days she was baông chồng at work...  
9  verb 
If you say that something does not matter, you mean that it is not important to you because it does not have sầu an effect on you or on a particular situation. no cont, usu with brd-neg A lot of the food goes on the floor but that doesn"t matter...  V As long as staff are smart, it does not matter how long their hair is...  it V wh Does it matter that people don"t know this?...  it V that Money is the only thing that matters to lớn them.  V to lớn n, Also it V 
11 If you say that something is another matter or a different matter, you mean that it is very different from the situation that you have just discussed. ♦another matter/a different matter  phrase v-liên kết PHR Being responsible for one"s own health is one thing, but being responsible for another person"s health is quite a different matter...  
12 If you are going to vì something as a matter of urgency or priority, you are going to do it as soon as possible, because it is important. ♦as a matter of 
 phrase PHR n Your doctor and health visitor can help a great deal & you need to talk about it with them as a matter of urgency.  
13 If something is no easy matter, it is difficult khổng lồ bởi it. ♦no easy matter 
 phrase v-links PHR Choosing the colour for the drawing-room walls was no easy matter.  
14 If someone says that"s the end of the matter or that"s an kết thúc to the matter, they mean that a decision that has been taken must not be changed or discussed any more. ♦that"s the kết thúc of the matter/that"s an kết thúc lớn the matter 
 phrase `He"s moving in here," Maria said. `So that"s the over of the matter."  
15 You use the fact of the matter is or the truth of the matter is to lớn introduce a fact which supports what you are saying or which is not widely known, for example because it is a secret. ♦the fact of the matter/the truth of the matter 
 phrase V inflects, PHR that The fact of the matter is that most people consume far more protein than they actually need...  

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16 You can use for that matter to emphaform size that the remark you are making is true in the same way as your previous, similar remark. ♦for that matter 
 phrase PHR with cl  (emphasis) (=come khổng lồ that) The irony was that Shawn had not seen her. Nor for that matter had anyone else...  
17 You say `it doesn"t matter" khổng lồ tell someone who is apologizing to you that you are not angry or upset, và that they should not worry. ♦it doesn"t matter 
 convention `Did I wake you?"—`Yes, but it doesn"t matter."  
18 If you say that something is no laughing matter, you mean that it is very serious & not something that you should laugh or joke about. ♦no laughing matter 
 phrase v-link PHR (=no joke) Their behaviour is an offence. It"s no laughing matter.  
19 If you say that something makes matters worse, you mean that it makes a difficult situation even more difficult. ♦make matters worse 
 phrase V inflects, oft PHR with cl Don"t let yourself despair; this will only make matters worse...  
20 You use no matter in expressions such as `no matter how" & `no matter what" to lớn say that something is true or happens in all circumstances. ♦no matter 
 phrase PHR wh No matter what your age, you can thua thảm weight by following this program...  
21 If you say that you are going to vì something no matter what, you are emphasizing that you are definitely going to lớn bởi it, even if there are obstacles or difficulties. ♦no matter what 
 phrase PHR with cl  (emphasis) (=come what may) He had decided to lớn publish the manuscript no matter what...  
22 If you say that a statement is a matter of opinion, you mean that it is not a fact, and that other people, including yourself, vị not agree with it. ♦a matter of opinion 
 phrase v-liên kết PHR `We"re not that contrived. We"re not that theatrical."—`That"s a matter of opinion."  
23 If you say that something is just a matter of time, you mean that it is certain khổng lồ happen at some time in the future. ♦a matter of time 
 phrase v-links PHR It would be only a matter of time before he went through with it.  
24  → a matter of life & death 
 → death  → as a matter of course  → course  → as a matter of fact  → fact  → mind over matter  → mind 
dark matter 
 Dark matter is material that is believed to lớn form a large part of the universe, but which has never been seen.  n-uncount 
grey matter  in AM, use gray matter  You can refer khổng lồ your intelligence or your brains as grey matter. INFORMAL  n-uncount unsolved mathematical equation which has caused his grey matter to lớn work overtime.  
 If you describe a person as matter-of-fact, you mean that they show no emotions such as enthusiasm, anger, or surprise, especially in a situation where you would expect them lớn be emotional.  adj John was doing his best khổng lồ give sầu Francis the news in a matter-of-fact way...  ♦ matter-of-factly  adv ADV after v `She thinks you"re a spy," Scott said matter-of-factly.  
subject matter 
 , subject-matter The subject matter of something such as a book, lecture, film, or painting is the thing that is being written about, discussed, or shown.  n-uncount (=subject) Then, attitudes changed and artists were given greater freedom in their choice of subject matter..., Her subject matter is herself.  

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