1. Go somewhere to collect someone, typically in one’s car:

Will you piông xã the children up from school?Example:

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I don"t even remember picking you up from the train station!The time Carla picked me up from the train station in my mother"s manual oto, even though at that stage she could only drive sầu an automatic.My aunt lives there, và my grandma is trying to arrange for her khổng lồ pick me up from the train station.1.1. Stop for someone lớn board a train, boat, etc.:They were picked up by a passing shipExample:

The regular train came along, stopped, picked her up & off she went.The ferry stopped, launched a boat và picked them up - they had paddled 14 miles across the Channel - at 7am.And it has its own jetty, where you can be picked up by boat & spirited to lớn the superior diving and snorkelling sites around Tiran.1.2. Arrest someone:She was picked up on prostitution chargesExample:
When told of the reason for the rejected clayên ổn, the patient produced an arrest warrant stating that she has been picked up for prostitution & her prescription was confiscated by the police.Two weeks ago, Alex was picked up và arrested for assault và prostitution.She called the police, who promptly picked hlặng up.

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2. Casually strike up a relationship with a stranger as a sexual overture:

He picked her up in a barExample:

If I"m in drag, & he picks me up at a gay bar, is it a queer relationship?He was with the woman who had picked him up at the train station, a Colombian poet.I want you to stop picking me up for practice or bothering me in the halls.

3. Return to lớn a point made by someone in order to criticize it:

She picked hlặng up on one niggling pointExample:

He gave a clever answer for a start, which you picked hyên up on.I"m surprised no one on the panel picked hyên ổn up on it.The interviewer picked hlặng up on it, and later I looked it up.

4. Make someone feel more energetic and cheerful:

Songs to pick you up and make you feel good
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