Why Don'T We Use More Renewable Energy

The sun offers the most abundant, reliable & pollution-miễn phí power in the world. However,problems with solar energy, namely the expensive sầu cost & inconsistent availability, have sầu prevented it from becoming a more utilized energy source.

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Solar powermakes up less than 0.5% of all power produced in North America even though there are vast regions of the continent where the sun continuously shines. To harvest more of this không tính tiền energy, we need lớn discover new materials, develop new production techniques và solve the problem of storing energy when the sun isn"t shining.

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What is hampering solar power has everything to bởi with cost. It is five sầu khổng lồ eleven times more expensive sầu lớn produce electrithành phố from the sun than it is from coal, hydro or nuclear sources. The first problem is with the cost of the technology:

Solar panels use expensive semiconductor material lớn generate electriđô thị directly from sunlight. Semiconductor factories need "clean" manufacturing environments & are expensive khổng lồ build và maintain.The efficiency ofsolar cellsis only about 22%. The rest of the sunlight that strikes the panel is wasted as heat. More efficient photovoltaic cells have sầu been discovered (up to 43% efficient but these are still in their experimental phase and are expensive khổng lồ manufacture).

It will likely take decades to discover new materials & methods of making solar panels less expensive. How long it takes depends on how much time và money is invested into lớn research both by government & private industry.

Source http://www.solarpoweristhefuture.com/problems-with-solar-energy.shtml

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Khalid , your information is out of date! Solar panels have sầu declined in price about 80% over past 10yrs !!! There is a reason more countries are going solar .... Lifetime cost of solar VS coal, nuclear power và gas ... Solar is less in most cases và over life time the solar electric costs are more predictable vs volatile coal and gas prices .. Nuclear --construction & maintenance costs high .. và also disposal costs ... Coal is nasty .. has arsenic & mercury these cause birth defects & cancer .. coal mining pollutes the water... burning coal pollutes the air ... This is why Đài Loan Trung Quốc stopped building coal plants and adopt soar và wind... Even Saudi Arabia is a fast growing market for solar!
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