Sundar Pichai Là Ai

At this sự kiện, Google"s and Alphabet"s CEO Sundar Picnhị will elaborate on his views on Artificial Intelligence.

Date: January 20, 20đôi mươi, 12:00 pmTopic: Innovation và Competition Policy

Audio recording

This event starts with Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai delivering a keynote address on the development & impact of responsible Artificial Intelligence, the risks và opportunities for society of AI systems, và the importance of shared values and partnership with Europe.

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Following his keynote remarks, Sundar Picnhì will participate in a conversation with the Director of Guntram Wolff.

Discussion on responsible AI

Sundar Picnhì, Chief Executive Officer, Google and Alphabet

Guntram B. Wolff, Director


AI regulation at the service of industrial policy?

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